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Website Development

We offer services from website design to a full web package where we will register your domain, setup your hosting, setup your email addresses and design your logo. Depending on what your needs are we can customise a package for you.


To have an online shop is easier than you think. Ranging from small online shops with only a few products with EFT payments, to medium and larger online shops with product groups, promotions, newsletters and Credit card payments. We can help you setup and maintain your online shop or your employees can even maintain content yourself with restricted user access.

Application development

If your are a company who needs a customised application for your office use, a service provider who wants your clients to be able to view their details online, fill in questionaires or forms and download reports, we can help you.

Content Management Systems

We can assist you to setup and customise CMS systems like Wordpress or Joomla to suit your needs.


We also offer to work on and off site for customers as freelance developers and designers. Many of our clients find this as an excellent solution when they do not have the adequate skill-set or have a large workload. Our rates are market related but also very competitive.



I work within a group of consultants specialising each in their field of work. I have been programming for the past 20 years working in various industries. Most of my expertise range from working in areas like banking where I was programming bond calculations, e-commerce for guest houses and hotels, internal systems for shipping companies and financial institutions to websites for art galleries and photographers.

The internet being global and remote makes my work easier to reach clients all over the world. Of course in some cases client visits are necessary and is preferred as I like to build a relationship and trust with my clients.

Having worked in Europe like Belgium, UK and Germany for 10 years, I have learned to adapt and understand different mindsets, needs and expectations. Although the client comes first, I would always give my professional and honest opinion when I feel the solution the client requests is not the best option. At the end the work I deliver reflects on me and my reputation, so delivering my best is a must every time.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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